Founded in 1958, the San Bernardino Valley Amateur Astronomers’ (SBVAA) goals have been to organize amateur astronomers in the San Bernardino Valley area, increase their knowledge and excitement in astronomy and spread that knowledge to the community. Members of the SBVAA have the opportunity to attend regular club meetings, local and distant star parties, guest speakers’ presentations and other special events. Meetings and events include a wide range of topics such as: basic backyard observing, tips for observing, telescope setups and astrophotography. SBVAA welcomes novice and seasoned astronomers, young and old.

For beginners, SBVAA can help make astronomy fun, not technical. SBVAA members are happy to help beginners understand the basics. Through star parties, beginners are treated to a wide variety of telescopes and equipment to learn about before blindly buying a telescope of their own.

Advanced amateur astronomers that join the club are provided the opportunity to convey their knowledge to an eager audience that shares their interests. At star parties and special events, advanced astronomers have access to a wide variety of equipment that many solo astronomers do not own. Also, learn tips and tricks from the other members of the SBVAA.