Will We Ever Stop Using Rockets to Get to Space?

On March 16, 1926 in Auburn, Massachusetts, American engineer Robert Goddard launched the first liquid-fueled rocket. The flight lasted a mere 2.5 seconds and ended anticlimactically 181 feet away in a snow-covered cabbage field.

Exos Aerospace Reschedules First Suborbital Launch

Exos Aerospace, a Texas company developing a reusable suborbital rocket, now plans to carry out a first flight of its vehicle in late August as it sets its sights on a follow-on orbital vehicle.

Water on Mars: Exploration & Evidence

Mars has water trapped in the polar ice caps. More water may lie just beneath the surface. A new study suggests that water also flows on the surface.

This Week's Top Space Stories!

Space Force continues to get hyped up, astronomers have found metals in the atmosphere of an "ultrahot Jupiter," and there are new rules for tiny satellites — it's's best news stories of the week.