'Cosmos: Possible Worlds' Creators Preview New TV Series at Comic Con

"Cosmos: Possible Worlds," coming out in spring 2019, will be a TV voyage that takes viewers to distant planets, to potential futures on Earth, into the mind and into the quantum realm. And its creators want it to totally change the way you see the world.

Here's What the Search for Life Needs Next, Scientists Say

A few decades ago, finding life beyond Earth was an idle dream — but today, astrobiology is a thriving field, fed by incredible discoveries across different realms of science and the possibility of still more to come.

What Is the U.S. Space Force?

President Donald Trump's announcement of the U.S. Space Force stems from a long, worrying history about technological advancements in Russia and China. The new military branch could safeguard U.S. space assets, but only if Congress gets on board.