'First Man' Star Ryan Gosling Doesn't Want to Go to the Moon

Ryan Gosling may play a pretty convincing Neil Armstrong in the new biopic "First Man," but that iconic role as the famed Apollo 11 moonwalker didn't inspire the movie star to dream of taking such a "giant leap" in real life.

NASA's SLS Megarocket Over Budget, Behind Schedule, Report Finds

It'll cost several billion dollars more than originally planned to get NASA's huge Space Launch System (SLS) rocket off the ground, and that already-delayed first flight will probably end up being pushed back yet again, a new report finds.

'Ask a Spaceman': 15 Minutes Can Change a Star Forever

What can you do in 15 minutes? Maybe read a few articles or watch a few videos online. But as astrophysicist and columnist Paul Sutter explains, 15 minutes is enough time for a particular kind of star to transform into a neutron star.

William Shatner Chats About Life and the Space Force

William Shatner, known by "Star Trek" fans from his iconic role as Capt. James T. Kirk of the starship Enterprise, continues to lead an extraordinary and adventurous life at the age of 87.

See Hurricane Michael from Space in These Satellite Images

Hurricane Michael is expected to hit the Florida panhandle as a major storm on Wednesday afternoon (Oct. 10) — and U.S. weather satellites are busy watching the storm to help meteorologists keep people safe.

Hubble Space Telescope Malfunction Won't Last Long, NASA Says

Worry rippled through the astronomical community this weekend as NASA announced that the Hubble Space Telescope was in safe mode — but NASA confirmed in a statement released yesterday (Oct. 8) that the agency expected the instrument to be back at work soo