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Date(s) - March 28
7:30 PM - 10:30 PM

Whitewater Preserve


From Whitewater Preserver website: Whitewater Preserve will be closing until further notice due to the coronavirus pandemic.  (https://www.wildlandsconservancy.org/preserve_whitewater.html)

Moon phase: 4 days after New  waxing crescent moon

Sunset: 7:07 pm


Clear Sky Chart:
clear sky chart

Star Party Etiquette:

As with all star parties, please observe standard star party etiquette. Some tips: try to arrive and setup before dark; use no white light – use red filtered flashlights wherever possible – minimize white light from auto door and dome lights; if you arrive late or plan to leave early, take care to approach and park so your headlights or backup lights do not shine on other participants; if you leave early or must use white light, first give warning so observers or astrophotographers can compensate; please ask before handling other participant’s telescope equipment. Most importantly, be prepared to relax and enjoy good company under the night sky.

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