Pioneertown (not Grandview) Starparty

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Date(s) - June 19 - June 21
All Day

Pioneertown Mountains Preserve


Unfortunately the U.S.F.S. cancelled our reservation for the Cedar Flats campground near Grandview.  The campgrounds all over are questionable due to the COVID-19 health emergency.  This year we are camping out locally at Pioneertown.

Friday will be the main star party night.  Those wishing to stay through Saturday night can do so. The restroom will be open to us only; a key will be provided.  No open fires , cook stoves are OK.   Pets on leashes only.

Moon: Waning Crescent waning crescent moon to New Moonnew moon

Sunset: 8:03 pm


Clear Sky Chart:
clear sky chart

For those of you visiting Pioneertown Preserve for the first time, please remember to dress warmly, as the desert nights can be quite cool. Be sure to bring plenty of drinks and snacks for yourself. Bring sleeping gear if you plan to stay all night or feel you may be too tired to drive home safely.

Star Party Etiquette:
As with all star parties, please observe standard star party etiquette. Some tips: try to arrive and setup before dark; use no white light – use red filtered flashlights wherever possible – minimize white light from auto door and dome lights; if you arrive late or plan to leave early, take care to approach and park so your headlights or backup lights do not shine on other participants; if you leave early or must use white light, first give warning so observers or astrophotographers can compensate; please ask before handling other participant’s telescope equipment. Most importantly, be prepared to relax and enjoy good company under the night sky.

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  1. -Gerald

    Those who made it Friday night enjoyed a nice steady sky. No one wanted to stay a second night. The bathroom key was returned to the rangers.

  2. Tom Lawson

    I am Planning to Stay Friday Night only. ✨ 😎

  3. -Gerald

    I’m planning on going. Staying for both nights if there are others staying on Saturday.

  4. Jamie

    Friday night for sure. Bring me cookies and wine!

  5. John White

    I work Saturday morning so if I make it I will be there for Saturday night.

    • -Gerald

      I don’t think anyone will be there Saturday. The luxury of being close to home.

      • Mike Ratcliff

        I also went home today (Sat). Like Gerald said I don’t think anyone else will be there.

  6. Scott Freeman

    I’ll be there Friday evening, returning home on Saturday. I may have guests coming, will let you know right away.

  7. Cliff B.

    Trying for both night. Hi Chris

  8. Chris Clarke

    Will be there Friday night

  9. Mike Ratcliff

    Will try for both nights.

    • Mike Ratcliff

      I only made it out Friday night.

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