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Date(s) - June 10 - June 13
All Day

Grandview - Cedar Flats


The Nelson group camp at Cedar Flats campground has been reserved.  It is still possible that the campsite will be closed. (updated 4/5/2021)

Moon Phase: 2 days after New Moon waxing crescent moon

Sunset: 8:00 pm

Nelson group camp at Cedar Flats


Clear Sky Chart:
clear sky chart

Tips for First Timer:

For those of you who have never been to Grandview, here are some tips to help prepare for the trip:

While the star party IS scheduled for Friday night through Sunday morning, some members do head up a day or two earlier. Do not worry if you do not have a telescope. There will be many ‘scopes there and we enjoy sharing! (We often get visitors from the campground – it’s always a pleasure to show the sights to a newcomer!)

The Cedar Flat Campground is located at about 7373 Ft elevation – be prepared for temperatures that range from very warm in the day to quite cold at night. The site can have gusty winds at times – especially in the afternoon. During the summer months, it is not too uncommon to get an occasional thunderstorm in the afternoon. Don’t forget the sunscreen, either – at elevation, you will burn much more quickly. This is a DRY SITE (dry and dusty!) – bring plenty of water – the closest water or other supplies is located about 20 miles down the hill in Big Pine. The campground facilities are limited to vault toilets – campsites have picnic tables and fire rings.

Meal Planning:

Saturday Morning we do coordinate a group breakfast – bring something to contribute to the potluck if you’d like.  Plates, Glasses, and Flatware are always needed.

Saturday Evening Dinner Pizza or Rubs (the club will be buying the Pizza or Ribs) and Pot Luck or BYOF. Please bring something to add to the dinner such as Salad & Dressing, Bread or Rolls, Drinks, Dessert, etc.

Sunday Morning we break camp and go to the coffee shop in Pig Pine for breakfast.

Star Party Etiquette
As with all star parties, please be courteous of other participants and observe standard star party etiquette. Here are some tips: Club members
enjoy talking and showing the sights; just be sure to ask before handling any telescope equipment. White light is of particular concern, as it ruins dark-adapted vision; taking up to 40 minutes for eyesight to fully recover. If possible, please arrive before dark. If you do arrive late or plan to leave early, please ensure that headlights or reverse lights do not shine on participants; use parking lights while nearby and park so it’s easy to leave without backing up. If possible, disable or shield car door and dome lights. Use only red diode or red filtered flashlights; red light preserves dark-adapted eyesight. Most
importantly, be prepared to relax and enjoy good company under the night sky.

Additional Materials:

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Last Updated on June 1, 2021

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  1. Ken Carron

    I hate to use this comment section but I need a favor please. Could you please ask Jamie to contact craftykc. She will know that name. Thank you!

  2. Cliff B.

    sorry won’t be able to make it. going to cottonwood for sat. night if I can. have excellent skies and good weather

  3. Jim S.

    I plan to get there on Thursday afternoon.

  4. Robin Hennen by Tom Lawson

    Robin here…Well, get this, I’m going down to SoCal for my niece’s wedding on Friday, June 11 in HIGHLAND….But then on Sat. on the way home to Mariposa, I’ll be taking the 395 right up to Grandview ! If all goes well I’ll get there before dark, sleep in my rental car, and then go home via Tioga Pass through Yosemite….Wish me luck that I don’t get myself into any trouble….(hee, hee?)

    Looking forward to seeing ya’all,

  5. Mike Ratcliff

    I will likely be there Friday night to Sunday. Mike

  6. Chris Clarke

    I’ll be there Friday afternoon and leave early Sunday.
    It’s been a long intermission for this great viewing excursions that’s for sure!

  7. Gerald Rezes

    I plan to be there from Thursday – Sunday!

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