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Date(s) - August 05 - August 08
All Day

Grandview Campground


It is unknown at the start of 2021 where or when this event will take place.  Reservations are not being accepted at this time.

Moon Phase: 1 day after New Moon waxing thumbnail moon

Location: TBA


Clear Sky Chart:
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  1. Amy Ritter

    Hello, I am interested in connecting with someone from your club about an event at a school in San Bernardino this Fall. Please email me at so we can connect. I didn’t find anywhere on the website to email the club.
    Thank you!

  2. Nick Broman

    We can’t make this trip, unfortunately.
    Wishing everyone clear skies and a safe trip.

  3. Robin Hennen

    When I gaze at the stars this weekend, I’ll also be seeing you all in my mind’s eye….

  4. Martin Carey

    I plan to be there Friday night only.


  5. Scott Freeman

    Wedding anniversary this Thursday. Can’t go. Everyone have an incredible time!

  6. Tom Lawson

    We will be @ the Ferguson Camp Site

  7. Tom Lawson

    I am planning to go up on Thursday. I will be cook Pancakes, Hash Browns, and bring Apple & Cranberry Juice for breakfast Saturday morning.
    We still need Bacon, Ham & Eggs……………………

  8. Jamie & Megan

    Jamie and Megan, we will going Thursday

  9. Chris Clarke

    I will certainly be there! Coming up Friday.

  10. Cliff B.

    Be there friday

  11. Gerald

    Planning on being there Friday.

  12. John White

    I work M-F but I intend to come up Saturday afternoon.

  13. Jim S.

    If all goes well, I intend to go up Thursday.

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