May Star Party

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Date(s) - May 08
7:00 PM - 11:30 PM

Pioneertown Mountains Preserve


Wear a mask and social distance.

Moon Phase: 3 days before New Moon waning crescent moon

Sunset: 7:35 pm


Clear Sky Chart:
clear sky chart

For those of you visiting Pioneertown Preserve for the first time, please remember to dress warmly, as the desert nights can be quite cool. Be sure to bring plenty of drinks and snacks for yourself. Bring sleeping gear if you plan to stay all night or feel you may be too tired to drive home safely.

Star Party Etiquette:
As with all star parties, please observe standard star party etiquette. Some tips: try to arrive and set up before dark; use no white light – use red filtered flashlights wherever possible – minimize white light from the auto door and dome lights; if you arrive late or plan to leave early, take care to approach and park so your headlights or backup lights do not shine on other participants; if you leave early or must use white light, first give a warning so observers or astrophotographers can compensate; please ask before handling other participant’s telescope equipment. Most importantly, be prepared to relax and enjoy good company under the night sky.

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  1. Nicko Tsangarides

    I have just recently started to be fascinated by Astronomy and space. I am 14 years old and haven’t been to anything like this do you have to bring a telescope to this? I am for sure coming to with 2 other people.

    • Nicko

      I really more just want to come out and see what it’s like even though I don’t have a telescope.

    • Steve Peeters

      No. There will be club members present with telescopes and everyone will be happy to have you look through their scopes.

    • Gerald Rezes

      I have not seen that anyone has signed up to go out to Pioneertown tonight. I might advise that you skip this outing and wait until we have another event closer. You can keep checking the website to see if anyone says that they are going. As for a telescope, you don’t have to bring one. Typically there are plenty and we share the views that we are observing.

  2. Gerald Rezes

    I cannot make it out this weekend but looking forward to Grandview next month.

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