Super Bloody Blue Moon Facebook Live Stream

Recorded live stream of the Super Bloody Blue Moon

Megan and Jamie Live streamed the Jan 31 lunar eclipse on Facebook. Here is the recorded video of the event. 

It is being called the Super Bloody Blue Moon because:

  1. It's a super moon meaning that the Moon-Earth distance is at perigee, 360,199 km, making the apparent moon size larger than normal.
  2. There is a full lunar eclipse that typically turns the moon into a blood red color the intensity of which depends on the amount and type of particulate matter in the Earth atmosphere.
  3. This is the second full moon in January.  Any second full moon in a single month is called a Blue Moon. 

Unfortunately for those of us that like sleep, the eclipse takes place in the early morning hours of January 31st.  Here are the times according to the USNO for Redlands, CA

Moon enters umbra 2018 Jan 31 03:48.1
Moon enters totality 2018 Jan 31 04:51.4
Middle of eclipse 2018 Jan 31 05:29.9
Moon leaves totality 2018 Jan 31 06:08.3
Moonset 2018 Jan 31 06:51
You can always go outside to view the eclipse, no special equipment is needed for a lunar eclipse.  It stay warm inside and view online. 

Still from the eclipse video

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