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Cedar Flat Group Camps, CA-168
Big Pine, CA 93513
(760) 873-2500
Longitude: -118.15242639999997
Latitude: 37.2773401

Group camps are on the way to Grandview right before the turnoff on highway 168 that takes you up to Grandview campground.  The three camps are named Noren, Ferguson and Nelson.  There is no running water at this site.  Vault toilets are present. Elevation is 7,300 feet. The oxygen level is less than good ‘ol San Bernardino valley. You may need to reduce your activities due to the thin air. Remember to dress warmly, as the mountain nights can be quite cold.  Be sure to bring plenty of drinks and snacks for yourself.  There are picnic areas at each group camp.  The club usually plans on providing two group meals: Saturday breakfast potluck and Saturday night pizza.  Bring appropriate sleeping gear and supplies for staying over a couple nights. During the day, you can visit the ancient Bristlecone forest which is about 6 miles up the road that leads to the office Grandview campground. There are two nature trails that you can take. One is approximately 1 miles and the other, more challenging one, is 4 miles and takes you to the Methuselah tree. Remember, that you are at 10,000 feet! Additional information about the Inyo White Mountains.


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