• v5: December 27, 2018 the latest version of the SBVAA website went live. (12/2018)
  • v5: Work has begun on redesigning the website using WordPress as the content management system.  The goals are to be more mobile friendly with relevant information easily accessible while not losing features like, Sign Up, that we have come to depend on. (1/2018)
  • v4.2:  Website changed to display upcoming events and articles as the main content, blog style, replacing static introductory text and scrolling images.  This was done in an attempt to have a more dynamic website.  (9/2015)
    Website Version 4.2
  • Created a Google+ page for the club. (8/19/2014)
  • v4.1: Updated the Drupal theme to be more responsive to different sized screens, i.e. mobile-friendly. (7/30/2014)
  • v4.0: Launch of the new Drupal SBVAA site. (3/2013)
    Website Version 4
  • v4.0: Began work on redesigning the club website based on the Drupal CMS platform. (1/21/2013)
  • Facebook: Established our Facebook page. (4/19/2011)
  • Twitter: Launched our club’s Twitter account. (6/30/2009)
  • v3.0.11: Launch of the new site design. The name Quasar was dropped in favor of highlighting the name of the club. (12/23/2008)
    Website Version 3
  • v2.1: The next version of our site served from 2002-2008.
    Website Version 2
  • v1.0: The first SBVAA site originally designed in 1999. Internet Archive
    Website Version 1