Grandview 2

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Date(s) - August 22 - August 25
All Day

Grandview - Cedar Flats


The second of the SBVAA’s two  treks to the White Mountains in central California and the beautiful clear skies near Grandview / Big Pine.

Moon Phase: 6 days before New Moon waning crescent moon

Location: Ferguson Camp Site at the lower Cedar Flats campground.  Look for the SBVAA signs.


Clear Sky Chart:
clear sky chart

Additional Materials:
Original Grandview Map

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  1. Nick Broman

    We can’t make this trip, unfortunately.
    Wishing everyone clear skies and a safe trip.

  2. Robin Hennen

    When I gaze at the stars this weekend, I’ll also be seeing you all in my mind’s eye….

  3. Martin Carey

    I plan to be there Friday night only.


  4. Scott Freeman

    Wedding anniversary this Thursday. Can’t go. Everyone have an incredible time!

  5. Tom Lawson

    We will be @ the Ferguson Camp Site

  6. Tom Lawson

    I am planning to go up on Thursday. I will be cook Pancakes, Hash Browns, and bring Apple & Cranberry Juice for breakfast Saturday morning.
    We still need Bacon, Ham & Eggs……………………

  7. Jamie & Megan

    Jamie and Megan, we will going Thursday

  8. Chris Clarke

    I will certainly be there! Coming up Friday.

  9. Cliff B.

    Be there friday

  10. Gerald

    Planning on being there Friday.

  11. John White

    I work M-F but I intend to come up Saturday afternoon.

  12. Jim S.

    If all goes well, I intend to go up Thursday.

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